NaNoWriMo 2k18: This time it’s over

It’s been a big month!

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 9.26.13 PM

Despite heavy workloads, viral plague, and holidays that involve one of us roasting a turkey and one of us roasting a Catholic, the Flopgoblins (your lovely authors) have made it through with a NaNo win. Second year running!

To be fair, we were kind of set up for success. With a thorough reader report from our agency and a bevvy of thoughtful and enthusiastic betas, we had plenty of feedback to work with and the potentially herculean task of reworking our manuscript was more or less accomplished in the first two weeks of the month. Then we just had to go back and make sure we hadn’t broken anything with all the amazing changes we’d made; for example, unintentional time travel or name forgetting. Still, it’s better than last year’s novel edits where we had to remember we’d deleted an entire sibling.

The good news? Nothing appears broken!

The better news? Now we get to send it back to our agent to confirm*!

The best news? We really, really like where the story’s at.

In our free time we have begun to write a series of vignettes around Kingdom of Rust that we’ll be posting on our Tumblr – and here, if we decide they make the grade. In the course of the research** on this book, we have delved deep into the archives of fairy myth and lore. We’ve found a lot of powerful, compelling, gross, and hilarious things, from Christina Rossetti poems to this spell to make you grow wings.

The former we based the fundamental structure of our book around. The latter we’re going to make jokes about***.

November, we won’t miss you. December, here we come.

*Learn that in fact we broke several things and to fix them, please.

**Couch surfing google

***Writing short stories on some of the things people believe about fairies and what an actual fairy thinks of them, especially when said fairy is a lactose intolerant drug dealer who doesn’t understand why you’re leaving bowls of milk on the windowsills, Westopher, were you raised in a barn?

NaNoWriMo 2k18: This time it’s weed

Okay, weed brownie.

And okay, it doesn’t actually have anything to do with pot, or brownies. It has a lot to do with our manuscript for Kingdom of Rust, which we called Weed Brownie for like a month before we came up with a real title. It’s a pun! Because the character who deals weed is a fairy! Which is also known as a brownie! It’s hilarious.

This time last year we used November to finally edit and complete the manuscript for our first joint novel (…that’s not a pun either), Star Boys. This November, we’re in the exciting position to actually have a second manuscript, and an agency to review it! And you better believe they have opinions. Good opinions, natch.

So well ahead of NaNoWriMo – like, October 31st – we decided what better way to spend 30 days than responding to these opinions and revising the bejesus out of Kingdom of Rust, v1? We’re pretty hype for it, despite Megan currently being an incubus of viral plague and Denali having been oxygen-deprived and work-drunk in the mountains for a week.

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