Denali Stannard is the literary partnership of Denali Hussin and Megan Stannard, represented by Sartiza Hernandez of the Corvisiero Agency.

They have two upcoming novels, Star Boys, which follows two actors through the rigors of falling in love and creating prime time TV, and Kingdom of Rust, in which a burnout med student and a drug-dealing prince of Faerie attempt to save Worcester, MA from a very deadly form of gentrification.

Denali Hussin

Denali Hussin gets to be the top half of Denali Stannard thanks to her parents’ novel naming approaches, which now serve her well in naming novels. A writer and editor by training, she has worked in sustainability, climate change, and science communication for the past seven years. She writes The Stoop Gallants, a twice-weekly fantasy webcomic, and spends her free time googling ‘is raw asparagus poisonous to cats.’ She lives in Boulder, Colorado along with the deranged appetite of a ten-pound tabby, the more sedate appetite of her longtime partner, and the constant internet presence of her best friend and writing partner who lives 4,600 miles away.

Megan Stannard

Megan Stannard is the back end of the literary pantomime horse that is Denali Stannard. She is a conservationist who dabbles in sword fighting, horse riding, and anything else that will make her a better writer (or fantasy protagonist. You know, if it ever comes up).

Her parents’ conviction that if she read enough books as a child, ‘they had to come out somewhere’, should not be taken as an indictment of her novels today. She has degrees in zoology and psychology that don’t qualify her to do anything but do prevent her from saying ‘I’m not a psychologist but…’

Megan lives in London, England, but keeps Mountain Daylight Time to line up with writing partner, best friend, and horse front bit Denali.