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May 2019: An update!

Has it been a while, or is it just us?

Going by the date on our last post, it ain’t just us. We promise we haven’t been slacking! Since the new year (happy new year, five months late), we have been able to reunite twice – no mean feat when you live on opposite sides of the ocean, give or take half a continent.

We spent a week in Colorado, snowshoeing up mountains, and then a brief weekend in Paris, getting the French word for ‘skeleton’ wrong. We have also been working hard on finalizing (finally) the manuscript for Kingdom of Rust Book 1 – which finally, maybe, has a name! Thanks to some much needed input from our agency and editorial team, over the past several months we’ve reworked several major plot points, tightened structure, and all-around raised the stakes. The Fairy Dealer is just about ready to go out on submission and we could not be more excited. The outline for book 2, The Fairy Doctor, is also nearly complete, and it’s only with great restraint that we have kept ourselves from diving headfirst into writing it before the first book’s wrapped up properly.

Equally exciting, we’ve started to return to our first manuscript, Star Boys, for the first time in almost a year! With one MS about ready for submission, we’d like to have another primed on the back-burner, and this story has never strayed far from our thoughts. It may be looking at a major structural rewrite, but we’re looking forward to spending time with our old favorites once again!

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You’d think writing the first post for a website would be like penning the opening chapter to a novel, but it really isn’t.

Chronicling the misadventures of a group of appealingly useless misfits is fun. Chronicling your own adventures comes with the tickling realization that the only misfit here is you, and all you can do is hope like hell that you’re appealing about it.

We’re Denali Stannard, and this is Jackass. Or a website on which we’ll post news, updates, and short stories, despite the fact that making the leap into traditional publishing feels about as nerve-wracking as climbing into a ball pit full of anacondas. In a nice way! It’s exhilarating.

We have two upcoming novels: Star Boys, which follows two actors through the rigors of falling in love and creating prime time TV; and Kingdom of Rust, in which a burnout med student and a drug-dealing prince of Faerie attempt to save Worcester, MA from a very deadly form of gentrification.

(If you’re wondering about the royal we, it’s because we’re the literary equivalent of three children wearing a trenchcoat; two women sharing a pen name.)