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Take Your Inspiration Where You Find It

Sometimes it’s hard to know where and when an idea that transforms your work – transforms your life, even – had its genesis.

Sometimes you can go back over your Google hangouts history and see exactly why you did that, laid out in black and white.

And then sometimes you decide it’s not embarrassing enough that you know; the rest of the world should know too.

In no particular order, major plot points in actual stories we are pursuing for publication have been inspired by:

  • The CW’s teen drama Riverdale and the long-suffering nude torso of actor KJ Apa
  • Paranormal investigators failing to find goblins in Kentucky
  • A disenfranchised royal family living in exile in a jungle castle, only not actually
  • Godawful friendships
  • Godawful jobs
  • Our friend the paralegal
  • An AU of an AU of a fanfic of a high fantasy epic
  • Beck Weathers’ nose
  • Megan’s dad’s college D&D group
  • Tumblr anons not being able to tell us apart
  • Decemberists songs
  • Selective ornithology
  • Misanthropy towards musicians/artists/writers/ourselves
  • Reddit
  • Someone called Tierney Shamrock
  • How much a New England town we’ve never been to might potentially suck
  • Hating astrology
  • The Twilight commentary track
  • That one film where Robert Pattinson struggles to buy a hotdog
  • Pretty much everything Robert Pattison has ever said or done
  • Spite

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